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Kimmie and Randell

Kimmie and Randell tied the knot in Big Bear California. It was a beautiful sunny day and took place at a unique rustic venue. This was one my favorite weddings from this year for one specific reason. This couple gave me a lenghtly amount of time for portraits throughout the day. We weren’t rushed or bombarded with family, we had a good amount of time to explore and have fun. We were able to take pictures freely with no real time limit and then during the reception we snuck out to take even more portraits. This allowed me the opportunity take some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. I cannot stress enough that time is of the essence. If you set aside enough time for your photographer this allows them even more time to create beautiful portraits for you. Nevertheless, a good photographer is able to take some great portraits with even the least amount time; however, I guarantee that any bride or groom will not regret the extra portraits and creativity that will come from this time. I mean after all photography is one of the only tangiable things left after the big day. With all that said congrats Kimmie and Randell may you guys have many many years together and enough your beautiful pictures.

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Jason + Christabel

This beautiful cotton candy wedding took place in Port Hueneme. The skies matched this awesome couple on their special day. I was extremely privileged to shoot this wedding. Christabel and Jason are a wonderful couple and they really let me do my own thing. They trusted me and allowed me to use my artist eye. Thank you guys and congrats on your big day.

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The Flag- A Mini Series

In honor of the Fourth of July I did a mini series with the American Flag. The flag has so much power. Our flag symbolizes our freedom, our country, all that was done and all that continues to be done. I am so thankful to live in this country. Thank you to those that fought and continue to fight for this country, to those that serve and their families that give up so much. Happy Birthday America.

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Sweet 15




Okay, I really can’t take credit for these stunning portraits. The models had a lot more to do with the awesomeness then me and my camera did. I love how all of these portraits came out. The horse and model are both naturals. Check out the images below and let me know what you think. It’s two different photo shoots to celebrate this lovely lady turning fifteen. Happy birthday and congratulations. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook for more photography.

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Maternity Sesh- Chris and Valerie

Beautiful Baby Bump. Check this great couple. Love is definitely in the air. Thanks, for stopping by like us on Facebook more stuff including deals.

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Senior Portraits- Jenna

My cousin is stunning isn’t she? These senior pictures celebrate my cousin Jenna graduating from high school and continuing on to college. Congrats girly. And… this awesome location is just a few minutes from my house in Upland, Ca. Spring is truly in full effect. I love Southern California and all of its diverse settings. I hope you enjoy my blog and like us at Facebook. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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